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Over 25+ Years Managing Sideline Hydration Equipment Programs

Carrot+Stick represents the largest manufacturers of Sideline Hydration Equipment in the industry. From Program Development, Forecasting, Creative Design, Manufacturing, Customization, Warehousing and Inventory Management all the way through Distribution, Carrot+Stick will support your team through the entire process. It's that's Simple. Whether you are a up and coming Hydration brand, or an established one, looking to grow your presence on the field of play, we can help.  

We have managed the production, artwork design & application, communication, shipping & logistics for:

  • last 25 years of NCAA Championships

  • Developed programs for High Schools, Colleges, MLB, MLS, NBA

  • Last two Men’s FIFA world cup (Brazil and Russia)

  • Last two Women’s FIFA world cup (Canada and France)

  • Last two Winter Olympics ( Sochi & Pyeongchang…starting work on Beijing)

  • Last two Summer Olympics (Rio & Tokyo)

  • UEFA EURO Cup (2x)

  • Rugby World Cup


Full programs including:

  • Custom websites

  • Warehouse & Fulfillment

  • Creative Design

  • Custom Sideline Equipment

    • Sports Bottles

    • Bottle Carriers

    • Cup Holders

    • Coolers

    • Towels

    • Carts

Let us help you stand out on the field of play!



Decatur, Ga