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Over 25+ Years Managing Sideline Hydration Equipment Programs

Carrot+Stick represents the largest manufacturers of Sideline Hydration Equipment in the industry. From Program Development, Forecasting, Creative Design, Manufacturing, Customization, Warehousing and Inventory Management all the way through Distribution, Carrot+Stick will support your team through the entire process. It's that's Simple. Whether you are an up and coming Hydration brand, or an established one, looking to grow your presence on the field of play, we can help.  

We have managed the production, artwork design & application, communication, shipping & logistics for:

  • last 25 years of NCAA Championships

  • Developed programs for High Schools, Colleges, MLB, MLS, NBA

  • Last two Men’s FIFA world cup (Brazil and Russia)

  • Last two Women’s FIFA world cup (Canada and France)

  • Last two Winter Olympics ( Sochi & Pyeongchang…starting work on Beijing)

  • Last two Summer Olympics (Rio & Tokyo)

  • UEFA EURO Cup (2x)

  • Rugby World Cup


Full programs including:

  • Custom websites

  • Warehouse & Fulfillment

  • Creative Design

  • Branded Sideline Equipment

    • Custom Sports Bottles

    • Custom Bottle Carriers

    • Custom Cup Holders

    • Custom Coolers

    • Custom towels

    • Custom Hydration Carts

Let us help you stand out on the field of play!

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