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Carrot+Stick has been helping brands stand out since 1996. In that time we've helped everyone from small local business to the largest companies in the world...and everyone in between.


You can see our work at the Olympics games, Men's & Women's World Cup, on the field at all NCAA Championships and every fair, festival and family friendly community from coast to coast.

Our clients work with us for three very specific reasons:

  1. We're Fair

  2. We're Fun

  3. We Deliver



Need a new brand? How about a brand re-fresh?

Our award winning creative team has been developing brands for more than three decades. While you and your team are focused on building a company or growing your business....let us focus on building the brand.  Our team of creatives can quickly integrate into your group to help ensure the brand voice and identity are in alignment with who you are and where you want to go.  For more information click here.

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What's in a name? Everything!

Carrot+Stick has developed an in-depth research and creative process that can help name your new commercial property, residential community or refresh the identity of an existing location being redeveloped. Our comprehensive process will provide you with several options to choose from. Once a name has been chosen, we finalize the art creative, location brand guidelines as well as street and amenity signage if needed. For more information click here.

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Over 25+ Years Managing Sideline Hydration Equipment Programs

Carrot+Stick represents the largest manufacturers of Sideline Hydration Equipment in the industry. From Program Development, Forecasting, Creative Design, Manufacturing, Customization, Warehousing and Inventory Management all the way through Distribution, Carrot+Stick will support your team through the entire process. It's that's Simple. Whether you are a up and coming Hydration brand, or an established one, looking to grow your presence on the field of play, we can help. For more information click here.

Take a look at how we made these Brands Stand out

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