Why Incentives

Do incentives really matter?

You bet they do.

But they have to be the right ones to work. Perhaps surprisingly, industry research shows unique noncash incentives and branded merchandise are nearly 50 percent more effective than cash equivalents. Why? While a dollar is a dollar… and a check is a check… distinctive items have covetable cachet.

What’s more, a unique product doesn’t disappear into the grind of daily bills. You can’t pay your power bill with an iPod, or your water bill with a new backpack. When crafted with sufficient care, these items are sought after… and then they keep reminding recipients of your brand and recognition for weeks, months and years to come.

So how do you know what the “right incentive” truly is?  That’s where an experienced, creative partner like Carrot & Stick comes in.

Target practice

As the saying goes, you don’t use a sledgehammer to swat a fly. (Unless it’s a really, really big fly.)

Likewise, in the world of incentives, it pays to carefully match the item with the target audience. Audiences fall into four basic categories:

Consumers or end-users
Dealers, distributors or other important middlemen
Non-sales Employees

Fortunately, no matter the target audience, Carrot & Stick can help perfect your aim. Give us a call today.

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