In 2013 Joel Gould -aka Skipper- took over the controls at Carrot+Stick. After 20 years of managing the in-house marketing group at a Fortune 500 company in Atlanta, he needed a change. Some guys buy a motorcycle, some guys buy a company. (We're all glad he did not buy a motorbike.) 

Courtney Covault -aka Miss C- lives by the motto "We can do better". She has immense experience in figuring out how you can maximize impact with only a dime to spend. Champagne Dreams on a Beer Budget are her forte. But when she tells you to spend more for a better result, you better believe her. She also has a dog with a cone and a dead squirrel in her wall. 

Hein van der Heijden -aka Hein-a-myte- is a Dutch Designer, what more do you want? Less is more, Form Follows Function, all that serious design jazz. But he manages to make it fun and look great. Award-winning, handsome AND funny. He is truly unique.
(Yes, he did write this copy.)

Eric Gould -aka The Riddler. He joined our force recently, setting up camp in Savannah, GA. A brainstormtrooper, our IT specialist, World traveler and lollipop-connoisseur. He loves short walks on the Beltline and anything from Chick-Fil-A at any given moment they are open. Eric is also BASI certified within ASI.

Benny -aka The Barker, aka The BenMan- is our mascot. A Schnoodle (we know...) who makes coffee, reads the paper to us, guards the office, chases the FedEx dude, acts as Foosball Referee and comes up with great ideas. All that while he is fast asleep in one of our chairs. Amazing creature. He wears ties on casual Fridays.

Not in the picture is a truly impressive group of smart people who know what they do. Copy-writers, printers, activation specialists, legal advisors and the best suppliers in the nation who surround us with sound advice and great products. We know who to hire and when. This guarantees a low overhead with a maximum load of creativity and production. Our team is flexible and agile in moving you ahead in your market. We smile a lot and play hard.